1. We conceive the cinema as the art of telling without saying why.

2. In the Nouvelle Wagen's films action must reduce to the minimum.

3. We live in real time, we filmed in real time (more or less).

4. Entertainment is a bourgeois concept, our works are transgressors boring.

5. The carnal pleasure of anonymity circumspect ban pushes us to bonds.

6. The musical accompaniment, if any, must be a capella.

7. The films made with the following cameras: Canon IXUS 110 Kit, Toshiba CAMILEO S10 and Casio Exilim EX-H10 Rosa (the black one is exempt) are not valid.

8. All of our art projects must be accompanied by a pretentious enough theoretical support.

9. No animals have sex against their will in natural scenery.

10. Our creations have to be shot exclusively indoors or outdoors.

11. The camera should be hold with the hand, unless your hands are full.

12. The duration of each film will be inversely proportional to its interest.

13. Desire for transcendence itself, not dancing monkeys.

(These rules are only indicative, like the hour of the appointment at the doctor)

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